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Himalayan Village Sonapani, नैनीताल

Himalayan Village Sonapani, नैनीताल

Himalayan Village Sonapani होटल की डिटेल

Himalayan Village Sonapani

Named after Sonapani, an ancient spring in the Himalayas, with an legend attached to it, the Himalayan Village Sonapani hotel is nestled amidst the beauty of nature, overlooking the Himalayas, in the Sonapani Village of Nainital.

Legend says that during the British Rule, army officers had a drink of water from this natural spring while they were crossing the bridge over it and was so impressed with it that they supplied it to the other officers and horses.

One of the officers who was also given this water was Captain Kushal Singh Burathoki. After his retirement from the army, he was offered a piece of land which was near the beautiful natural spring, he named it ‘Sonapani’ and established an estate there which is now being run as Himalayan Village Hotel.

The Himalayan Village Sonapani is located at a scenic spot surrounded by mountains and greenery. From this hotel, one can get breathtaking views of the sunset,  magnificent mountains and greenery around.

Himalayan Village is a 20 acre hotel which is at a distance of just 8 km from Mukteshwar which is a popular destination around Nainital. This hotel is also surrounded by apple, peach and plum orchards, pine forests and vegetable plantation is also undertaken.

At this hotel, the guests can get a completely different experience and they can relax completely, as it is located far away from the polluted cities and the noise. There are no telephone or televisions in the rooms here with the aim of allowing to guests to spend the vacation in peace.

At an elevation of 2000 mt, the cool mountain breeze, pollution-free air, nature around and the exceptional services offered at the Himalayan Village Sonapani make it a worthwhile experience.


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