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Royal Sunderban Wild Resort,सुंदरबन

Royal Sunderban Wild Resort, 5, Lindsay Street, 2nd Floor, Kolkata – 700087, West Bengal, India , सुंदरबन

Royal Sunderban Wild Resort is located in Jharkhali in Sunderbans and is one of the closest resorts to the forest area. The natural surroundings, the breathtaking views, river bodies cascading through the mangrove forests are sights that are unique to Sunderbans. Staying at Royal Sunderban Wild Resort means you get to enjoy such natural beauties from close quarters.

There is also a sweet water lake which is home to migratory birds near the resort. The modernized rooms are equipped with many necessities. Every cottage in the resort comes with a private balcony and sitting here you can get a clear view of the water body and the well-manicured garden. The resort is managed by well-experienced staff.   


Royal Sunderban Wild Resort is a pleasant accommodation option while at Sunderbans. The resort offers numerous facilities some of which are –

  • Attached Baths
  • Running Water
  • Electricity
  • River Cruise
  • Dining
  • Doctor on Call

  • Parking
  • Restaurant