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Amby Valley - A unique vision …


Amby Valley is essentially a brainchild of the Sahara Group. Ever since the idea was proposed, opinions have swayed several times over and the feasibility of the venture has been questioned time and time again. As much as Amby Valley may have faced several hurdles as an investment option, but talk about it being a weekend getaway and it’s a complete winner!

Amby Valley is perpetually a resort with fun activities both indoor and outdoor spread over 10,000 acres and with very luxurious accommodation to go with it. It a 30 minute drive from the popular weekend getaway, Lonavala and makes for a perfect outing, given that you’re willing to push your budget a little. Amby Valley is one of the first destinations of its kind that offers its elite class residents who’ve spend millions of rupees on investing there, the option to charter an aircraft to get there, and make use of their 1.5 kilometre long dedicated runway!

Where age isn’t a bar …

Till a few years ago, Amby Valley city was a closed, private state of affairs. But recent developments have made it a lot easier for the public at large to access Amby Valley. Amby valley with its 7 star restaurant, full size 18 hold Golf course, Kids Section and Water Park makes for an ideal hang out for kinds of all ages, and promises to spoil their parents silly! For party animals, looking for a break from the Mumbai party scene, Amby Valley city sports a unique Titanic theme inspired night club and discotheque.

Nature gets a facelift …

The essence of Amby Valley city lies in way nature has seamless blended with man-made marvels! The city boasts of beautiful terrain, landscaped in some places, natural and artificial lakes. Where else can you find a 25 kilometre long water front, at 2300 feet above sea level?

The beach on the water front is an ideal place for kids and adults to hang out at, especially on a sunny summer afternoon. The wave pool makes for a welcome addition as well. Amby Valley City is so huge, you might just end up getting lost. Fear not, just call reception and one of their mini golf carts comes and gets you, it’s that simple!

A home unlike others …

Right from the investor to the weekend visitor, Amby Valley has various accommodation variants. One can hire their outdoor tents, that look like anything but a tent from the inside. They come with a 24 hour attendant service. For guests who wish to keep their outdoor activities limited to the day, they can choose to crash at one of the various room options, right from a standard single room to a 2 bedroom apartment to a complete Villa!

The interiors and the ambience of all the accommodation, has been designed and built keeping in mind a subtle unison between everything that’s natural and manmade. The creators have gone all the way, coming up with interesting innovations like an ‘open to sky’ bathroom apart from the more generic Jacuzzi or a Sundeck with a view of the mountains and the lake.

Most tourists, marvel at how Amby valley has struck the right chord between being Indian and European at the same time, quality wise, service wise and décor wise! Everything from the victorian style street lamps in some places to the cobblestone sidewalks are immaculately maintained.

Put on your sporting gear …

If detox is what you want, detox is what you get, all the way. Amby Valley City spoils you silly with its wide selection of sports and games. Right from horse-back riding to golf to arranging a trek, Amby valley keeps you on your feet. And it doesn’t end there, they feature guidance and lessons for practically every activity that’s in the offering! So whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned athlete, you’re in for a gala time. With 10,000 acres at your disposal, you’re bound to not run out of space.

Let’s treat our outro as a little bit of a disclaimer. One needs to note, that Amby valley is very strategically located, filled with activity and energy and offers a true, quality experience as against many other similar models that just lack the bang. But that being said, Amby valley charges a premium for this service, something that the Upper Middle Class and upwards would be comfortable with once in way. The fact that they see significant tourist traffic is testimony to their success and quality.

A couple at Amby Valley with a kid, can expect to spend anywhere between 15 to 20 thousand Indian Rupees a day but it’s certainly an experience worth trying!

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    There is no route available in Amby Valley
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    Amby Valley is served by Lonavala Station which is connected to Mumbai and Pune. Furthermore, it is connected to several eastern and south Maharashtrian Cities. For visitors coming in from the North, Mumbai is your best bet.
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    There is no air port available in Amby Valley
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