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  • 01Tulja Bhawani Mandir

    The Tulja Bhawani Mandir is situated in the small village of Tuljapur and is credited to be one of the 51 Shakti Pithas in India. The temple was built during the 12th Century, and provides a window into the architectural style of that era.

    The mandir is...

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  • 02Kallola Tirth Tank

    Kallola Tirth Tank

    Kallola Water Tank is a huge water tank situated in the first stage of the Tuljapur Temple – at the Prakara Temple. The tank is close to 40 feet by 20 feet in dimension, circumvented by a wall on all sides.

    Legend has it that the sacred water of...

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  • 03Vishnu Tirth

    Vishnu Tirth

    The Vishnu Tirth is located to the north east of the Tulja Bhawani Temple and has three entrances.

    It is similar to the Kallola Tirth Tank and is believed to be the site where the Gang, Yamuna and Saraswati come together. It is connected to the main...

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  • 04Chintamani


    Chintamani is located just outside the Tujljapur Bhawani Temple. It is dedicated to the Goddess Chintamani who is believed to help her devotes take apt decisions at the right time.

    The structure of the Temple is in the form of a round stone and houses a...

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  • 05Dhakte


    Dhakte Tuljapur is located on the outskirts of the Tulja Bhawani Temple and is considered to be a younger Tuljapur Temple by itself – hence the name Dhakte Tuljapur, where Dhakte means ‘Young’ in Marathi.

    The small idol found here was...

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  • 06Papanashi Tirth

    Papanashi Tirth

    The Papanashi Tirth is one of the most noteworthy water tanks in Tuljapur. Papanashi literally translates to ‘water destroying sins’ and the place is credited with helping devotees wash off their sins.

    This tirth tank is situated outside the...

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  • 07Ghat Shila Temple

    Ghat Shila Temple

    The Ghat Shila Temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. An ancient rock temple located in the city of Tuljapur, this Temple has an interesting mythological adage behind it.

    It is believed that Lord Rama passed through these rocks (Shila) along with his brother...

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  • 08Sant Garibnath Mutt

    Sant Garibnath Mutt

    The Sant Garibnath Mutt is also known as the Dashavatar Mutt, and is in close proximity to the main temple of Tulja Bhawani.

    The Mutt was built several centuries ago by Sant Garibnath who was an ardent worshipper of Lord Vishnu. It is an attractive spot...

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  • 09Gomukh Tirth

    Gomukh Tirth

    The Gomukh Tirth is a major attraction in Tuljapur apart from the main Tulja Bhawani Temple. It is a holy site where water falls from the mouth of a cow – structure, constructed six feet high.

    The Gomukh Tirth gets its water sourced from the Holy...

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