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  • 01Thasiama Seno Neihna

    Thasiama Seno Neihna

    Thasiama Seno Neihna is a beautiful plateau on a craggy hill at Vaphai village, which is about 86 kilometres from Champhai. A visit to this plateau is indeed an exciting and thrilling experience.

    According to legends, this plateau was the place where...

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  • 02Rih dil

    Rih dil

    Rih Dïl, also known as Rih Li is a beautiful heart-shaped lake that is located 22 kilometres inside Myanmar. The lake is approximately one mile in length and half a mile in width. This lake is believed to be the passage to heaven for the souls of the dead. A...

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  • 03Hnahlan


    Hnahlan is a village located in the Champhai district of Mizoram, 247 kilometres


    away from the state capital Aizawl. It is located on the international Myanmar-India boundary, being at a mere 5 kilometres distance away from...

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  • 04Lianchhiari Lunglentlang

    Lianchhiari Lunglentlang

    Lianchhiari Lunglentlang is a stunningly picturesque cliff situated at a distance of 64 kilometres from Champhai district in Duntlang village of Mizoram. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one glance at the cliff, and it takes your breath away.

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  • 05Mura Puk

    Mura Puk

    Mura Puk consists of six caves, which according to legends, were dug by the villagers of the area in order to hide from the man-eating eagle.

    The story goes like this that once upon a time, a gigantic eagle by the name of Mura existed in the area. Mura was...

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  • 06Mangkhaia Lung

    Mangkhaia Lung

    Mangkhaia Lung is a one of its kind massive structure that is also a memorial stone with a series of human figures engraved upon them. These figures are believed to be of the guardians of the dead. Nearby, there are several smaller stones which have pictures of...

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  • 07Mizo Hlakungpui Mual

    Mizo Hlakungpui Mual

    Mizo Hlakungpui Mual, also known as Mizo Poet’s Square, is a monument that was built to commemorate the Mizo poets. It is located at Khawbung village of Mizoram, at a distance of about 100 kilometres from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

    The origin of the...

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  • 08Murlen National Park

    Murlen National Park

    Murlen National Park is one of the most popular national parks of Mizoram. It covers an area of 200 square kilometres and lies very close to the Indo-Myanmar border.

    The Murlen Park is filled with cliffs and is popularly a home to a variety of endangered...

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  • 09Fiara Tui

    Fiara Tui, a beautiful spring is located in 65 kilometres away from Champhai. The spring holds a special place amongst the Mizos as the sweetness, and the purity of its water has been mentioned in many of their writings and folklores.

    The spring that...

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  • 10Kungawrhi Puk

    Kungawrhi Puk

    Kungawrhi Puk is one of the most significant and largest caves in Mizoram. This cave is located on the hills between Farkawn and Vaphai villages in the Champhai district.

    Legend has it that a long time ago, the spirits had abducted and used this cave as...

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  • 11Lamsial Puk

    Lamsial Puk

    Lamsial Puk is a cave situated in proximity to the Farkawn village, in Champhai district of Mizoram.

    The cave stood witness to one of the most fatal wars that was fought in the region. If one is to believe the archived materials, it is said that in the...

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